AF Storage - Climate Controlled Storage Units

Protect your Electronics, Quality Furniture, and Sensitive items in Climate Controlled Storage Units.

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Benefits of Climate Controlled Units

Protect Fine Furniture from large temperature swings causing checking and warping

Fine Funiture

Protect your Videos, DVDs, and other sensitive items from extreme heat and cold

Videos, DVDs, Records, and Tapes

We maintain a temperature range that protects delicate electronics

Computers and Electronics

Safe guard your musical instruments from damage

Pianos and Other Musical Instruments

Our Climate Units

Small Units

Climate-Controlled 5X10
  • Sizes 5X5, 5X10, and 10X5
  • Perfect for personal items and small furniture
  • Accessible and well-lit
  • Unit alarms on all units

Medium Units

Climate-Controlled 10X15
  • Suitable for storing furniture and household items
  • Sizes 10X10 and 10X15
  • Spacious and accessible

Large Units

Climate-Controlled 10X20
  • Sizes 10X15 and 10X20
  • Great for storing large appliances, furniture sets, and household goods
  • Ample Space and easy access